Supplying Professional Car Wash Operators 
Quality Car
 Wash Equipment, Chemicals & Service

Ancillary Equipment

From front door to back door, and everything in between; Southeastern Car Wash Systems distributes everything you need at your Car Wash. 

Water Quality is key for effective cleaning.

Hard water affects your wash quality in many ways. Issues ranging from "scaling" to "chemical fatigue" can and will result at washes with hard waterChlorine is an element you do not want pumping through your Reverse Osmosis system too and without a Qality Carbon Filter you are sure to foul up the membranes & spot your customers automobile.
Order your Water Softener, Carbon Filters, and RO today. Replacement parts are available as well.

Be sure to pick the correct Cashier/Entry System for your site.

Marketing is important when you are wanting to increase revenue and average ticket prices. Here at Southeastern Car Wash Systems, we offer our customers all the bells and whistles: Credit Card Token Dispensers - Automated Tellers - Gate Systems - Marketing tools such as Wash Cards - Coupons - and other creative marketing options are available too. Contact us for a Quote or for Replacement Parts.

Door Systems are required in Colder Climates

Airlift doors come with electric or air operators. Your choice. All hardware and components are available thru Southeastern Car Wash Systems. Keep the elements out! Installation also available. Contact us for pricing.

Automatic Dryer Systems

There are many different configurations to choose from. Three dryers to fifteen dryers - It doesn't matter. We will find what suits your needs. 10HP/25HP/50HP & 208/480v options. Our dryers will blow you away! Call our office today! 

These are only a few of the many items available thru Southeastern Car Wash Systems. We also carry Ingersol Rand Air Compressors, Radiant Heaters, Coin Vac Systems, and Camera and Security Alarm Systems!

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